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The kennels offer large sleeping accommodation suitable for single occupancy or families of dogs catered for in one kennel. They provide plenty of room to move about with individual space for sleeping.

Each kennel has its own extra secure run.We supply big beds and duvets in the accommodation.

We have a secure paddock to exercise your dog and he will be taken for at least four walks a day. We are able to exercise your dog on grass or a concrete surface. There is always something going on at Bolstrode, the dogs are able to see everything around them and enjoy the company of the goats, horses and resident pig!

Once the kennels are vacated they are completely sterilised inside and out using a county council recommended animal safe product.

There is a purpose built kitchen area to prepare food for the dogs and a range of food is available. If you prefer, you may provide your own food for your dog's stay.

Excellent vetinary care is provided locally. If any of our dogs have pre-existing medical conditions, we are happy to administer any medication required whether it be oral, creams or by injection.

All dogs must be vaccinated including Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis and Canine Parvovirus. We do not insist that they have the nasal Kennel Cough treatment, please discuss with us if necessary.

Staff are always on site 24 hours a day.



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