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Are you licenced by the local authority?
Yes, we have a licence to accommodate up to 20 dogs.

Can people look around the facilities by turning up or do they need an appointment?
Please turn up at any time to have a look around.

Do you have heaters in the kennels?
Yes, we have infra-red lamps to keep your dogs cosy if it gets cold outside.

Can we bring along our dog's favourite toy?
Yes, as long as it is not a squeaky toy - they can often upset the other residents!


Can you accommodate all types of dogs or do you have any restrictions?
No restrictions, we accept all breeds and ages of dogs.

If I drop my dog off on Friday morning and pick him up on Sunday night, how much will I be charged?
You will be charged for two night's stay.


How often do you feed the dogs?
We feed them twice a day.

When should I get the vaccinations completed?
Courses of vaccinations and boosters should be completed at least two weeks prior to boarding.